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Lighting the Landscape began as a series of concerts to bring the guide dog community and sighted people together. Above are videos of Allan Taylor and Bernard O’Donoghue from the very first concert back in 2008.  
In the intervening years things have moved on as we have been influenced by the experiences we’ve had, the people we have met and the work we have been involved in.
We have always been an organisation dedicated to bringing creativity and light to the world of visual impairment.
We started by seeking to build bridges, relationships and networks between visually impaired and sighted people - we wanted to see good quality materials and experiences available to all.
We found ourselves asking for example why anyone should have to put up with unattractive and badly designed literature just because they can’t see as well as other people?
We found ourselves asking why we can’t promote events that sighted and visually impaired people can enjoy together and through that form new friendships?
Why, in other words can’t we have one sort of document that is open to all, one set of friendships open to all?
Why can’t we bring some light to the landscape in which we live?
The experiences we have shared over the years, and the things we have learned, have led us to realise that our work needs to embrace a much wider vision than we at first thought. There are so many people in all walks of life who feel excluded, or simply not included, in much of what happens in their communities.
In our own lives, we have found this to be a particular area of concern around churches, folk clubs, concerts and other events, pubs and restaurants, and in many other situations. We are committed to working for a more inclusive and welcoming culture in such places - a culture which offers ‘unconditional hospitality’ to all, irrespective of their circumstances. 
This is the heart of our work and our ethos. We are all creative people at Lighting the Landscape and we want everyone to access the light and colour of life.
We each have a vast experience behind us, and are on this journey together as a force for improving the lives of all those who feel themselves to be marginalised.
Bill Braviner & Dave Lucas
                      October 2013