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Dave Lucas is a blind man from Jarrow whose proudest claim in life is that he is a guide dog owner, an experience Dave describes as the most transformational experience of his life.

In his former life Dave trained for ministry with the Roman Catholic church before embarking on a career in bakery management. Since his sight loss, Dave studied Access Audit and has been self employed in the visual impairment field for over 10 years.

His work has included writing audio guides, books on his own experiences, making a documentary about the work of Guide Dogs, access audit, low vision awareness training, writing training guides, developing technology for visually impaired people and much more.

Dave is a guitarist and has played on the north east folk scene for over 30 years. He has played in many Christian bands too, including the Northumbria Community, The Hexham and Newcastle Lourdes Choir and Jarrow Gospel Joy. He has led many worship teams.

Dave has run folk concerts for more than ten years and was the driving force behind the annual Guide Dogs carol concert in Newcastle.