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Why are we here?
Facebook is where we live. 
Lighting the Landscape began as a virtual community of sighted and visually impaired people who came together to support each other, to campaign, to inform, to educate and most of all have fun. Even though our work has taken us further afield and broadened its scope, we continue to maintain the Facebook group with its original aims.
As you can imagine, sometimes things get a bit tough when you’re trying to deal with the big issues that visual impairment throws up - in our video above, Dave explains a bit about why our Facebook group is so important.
Click on the Facebook link in the sidebar, and see what we’re all about.
We’ve also harnessed the power of Facebook and other social media platforms to campaign, to draw people together around music (through our work on the Mike Harding Folk Show), and to disseminate information.
Social media is a hugely powerful tool for bringing people together, sharing information, and spreading your message.
If you need a social media presence that works to expand your reach, get in touch and we’ll discuss how we can help - email us on info@lightingthelandscape.co.uk for details.mailto:info@lightingthelandscape.co.ukshapeimage_4_link_0