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Lighting the Landscape traces its roots back all the way to 2001, when co-founder David Lucas got his first Guide Dog, Abbot.

For Dave, a Christian with roots in New Monasticism, having a dog named ‘Abbot’ was highly significant.

For many years Dave had been running away from the issue of his sight loss and things had very much reached crisis point, when finally he admitted he needed help.

Within two weeks of asking for help he was introduced to Abbot. His world was about to change forever.

In 2008 Dave met Bill Braviner and within a very short time the two became very firm friends. Both found much common ground through their faith, through their musical abilities, through their shared sense of social justice and above all through their sense of humour.

As time went on the two became inseparable and they began to join in on each others projects. Dave became a musician at Bill’s church and was soon to join the Parish Council, while Bill was roped in to Dave’s work among Guide Dogs and the wider visually impaired community.

Over the years this work has led us into issues of access and welcome in church, befriending people in the folk community and ongoing work around visual impairment.

In every aspect of our work we have found that friendship is the building block on which everything else has been built.

We consider this work mission - with a small M.

In our previous church lives we would never have been able to get so close to so many visually impaired people or people with other disabilities. Our involvement with the folk scene sees us often sharing experiences with people of all faiths and none.

So what is LTL? All we can tell you is it’s a journey we’re making with our mates, those from music, those from church and those from the blind world. We’re all learning from each other and the friendships we’re making on the way are precious.

Bill Braviner & Dave Lucas
                      October 2013