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Jimmy Nail - Big River
We’re from Tyneside. What more can we say?
Randy Pausch - The Last Lecture
This video contains so much wisdom and hope, you have to see it.
Rob Bell - Drops Like Stars
We laughed, we cried, we wondered and we learned.
Pete Rollins - Rob Bell Interview
We think Pete has some really interesting and thought-provoking things to say - if you engage with what he’s saying, you have to think about where you’re coming from and what you believe...
Maddy Prior - Deep in the Darkest Night
We’ve all had that experience of being lost and alone, stuck in deep darkness and longing for some hope and the dawn of a new day. Maddy’s song has been important to us both in such times.
Dave and Abbot - A Real Partnership
What happens when you tell a Celtic Christian that he’s going to be led by his very own Abbot?! Watch and see...