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We are both men of faith and that faith informs everything we do - but we are aware that church carries with it many negative stereotypes. So many people have been damaged by their church experiences.

So we strive to be led by the promptings of the Spirit without seeing it as our job to evangelise or convert anyone.

Our approach is to seek out those projects in which we can engage, in mainstream society, and to make friends with the people we find ourselves alongside - for no other motive than it being a good and fun thing to do.

It has been our experience that in doing this, opportunities arise that would not have done, had we been more fervently evangelistic.

We are seeking friendship with others, no more. That friendship does not depend on anyone ‘converting’.

Many of the friends we have made make it clear to us that they support the projects we are involved with, whilst not sharing our motivation for doing so - and that is cool with us.

So many doors and opportunities have opened up to us by this approach.

We are called to be salt and light.